Broken Car Key Extraction

Car Key extraction service is much relevant in a situation where your car key breaks off in the ignition or the car door lock. Whether your key is stuck or broken in one of the locks to your car, know that we can take charge of the situation and resolve the issue for you in no time at all.

We are professionals in car key extraction services and our experts deal with all models of car locks. Anytime we’re called upon for car key extraction jobs, we always come out victorious as quickly as possible. We’re well versed in car extraction processes and can expertly handle your job.

Even if your car ignition system still works with the broken car key, we advise you not to use the key. That may cause further damages to your vehicle ignition switch. Perhaps the key is inside a lock, know that over-torquing the key can damage your car lock also.

The moment the key breaks, or you noticed it’s not coming out of the ignition switch or car lock, contact us immediately. Once we get your call, we will dispatch our technicians to your location without any delay.

Key Extraction

Remove a Broken Key from a Car Lock