Transponder Key Replacement

Transponder keys offer extra security to cars. They have a tiny computer chip inside them. These chips are mainly used for the authentication of the original car key as well as the duplicated car key. Whenever you plug the key into your vehicle ignition system, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) sends a coded message to the key.

In that regard, the transponder key will be expected to receive the coded message and respond to the Engine Control Unit. Immediately the vehicle authenticates those messages, your car starts. This nature of the key is widely in use today.

Since all the major car manufacturers have started using the Transponder Key for powering up their ignition system, almost every modern car will have such a key. If your car is using a transponder key and fails to function accordingly, you need to consider a replacement today. Perhaps you’ve misplaced the key somewhere, worry not! Our technicians can easily make you configure a new transponder key without wasting your time.

Car key replacement San Antonio TX helps car owners program and cut new keys in minutes. We work as a mobile locksmith service and offer a complete range of transponder key services on the spot.

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